NAS OS 4.x - How To Recover A Lost Password

The NAS OS 4.x Administrator can configure the NAS OS to help users recover a forgotten or lost password.


When the Administrator creates a new user, the user's email address must be included during this step or added later in order for password recovery to be available when needed.


Follow the steps below to recover a password.

  1. On the Login page, click Can’t access your account?

  1. Enter the Login which can be admin or the user’s name, and type the Word shown in the colored box, in to the Word verification field.

  1. Click Send.

The NAS Welcome page will prompt that a recovery email has been sent.  The email should arrive in the User's Inbox.

The email will show as and Seagate email notification: Password Recovery.

  1. Open the email and click on the click here link next to Password recovery.


The NAS Welcome webpage will open with options to reinitialize your password.

  1. Enter the Login which is the user’s name that you recovered the password for.
  2. Enter a New Password, Re-enter to confirm, and click Send.

    You will now be logged in to the NAS OS 4x Home Page.

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