Formatting a Large Drive Greater Than 32GB with a FAT32 File System Using Seagate DiscWizard v22

Please follow this procedure to format a large drive greater than 32GB with a FAT32 file system using Seagate DiscWizard v22:

Reformatting the drive will erase all data on the drive, so you should copy any data you want off the drive prior to formatting.

Install and launch DiscWizard

1) From the DiscWizard home screen, select Tools then Add New Disk.

2) Select the correct disk and follow the wizard prompts.
User-added image

3) Select MBR
User-added image

4) Select the Unallocated disk and then Create new partition
User-added image

5) Change the File system: to FAT32.
User-added image
Note: If you prefer, you may manually select the partition letter and add a label.

6) Select Accept

7) Then select Next

8) Then select Proceed

A DiscWizard icon will be shown in the system tray indicating the formatting progress. Once complete, the drive will be accessible in Windows/File Explorer.