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GoFlex Home: Failed to connect to central server error message

Sometimes during the initial installation of the GoFlex Home, the error message "failed to connect to central server" may appear.

First, make sure the GoFlex Home is connected directly to the router using an Ethernet cable. If you have the drive connected in a switch or a hub, try connecting the drive directly into the router instead. Also, make sure you have both lights on and solid on the front of the drive. You should see a green light on top of a white light.

If you are connected properly and have both lights on, but are still getting the error, then there is probably a UPnP error on your router.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Run this test, which can tell you if the necessary ports on the router are open for the drive to communicate with our Central Server on www.seagateshare.com
  2. Then, set up port forwarding on your router via this router configuration wizard. If your router is not listed in this limited troubleshooter, Seagate recommends checking www.portforward.com or checking your router's documentation on how to properly set up port forwarding.
  3. If these steps do not help, contact your router manufacturer for assistance.