Seagate Business NAS - How to recover from a failed RAID

Seagate Business NAS - How to recover from a failed RAID

Provides instructions for recovering the RAID on the Seagate Business NAS after a drive failure.

Please follow this procedure to recover from a failed RAID in a Seagate Business NAS device:

  1. Log into Seagate NAS Manager using Seagate NAS Discovery or by entering the IP address of the NAS device in the address bar of a web browser.
    See Document ID: 005295 for instructions on finding the IP address.
  2. On the Manager home page, note the current firmware version.

  3. Check the current firmware version against the latest version available on the Seagate Business NAS firmware download page.
  4. Update the firmware if necessary. 
  5. Once any necessary firmware update is complete, select Storage in the left sidebar menu.
  6. Select Volumes / RAID.

  7. The Volume displays as Degraded or Failed.
    Select the hammer and wrench icon () under Actions.

  8. The Manager displays what precisely has failed.
    If the RAID is degraded: Select Disk Selection.
    If the RAID is failed: Select Volume.
  9. Select Submit after you verify the drive/RAID.

    The Recover Volume process begins. You will no longer be able to access the NAS until the process has completed.
    A status indicator displays the current progress.




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