How-to and Tips for Using the Samsung STORY Station

Precautions for using the eSATA interface, and other notes on the usage, of the Samsung STORY Station.

Make sure to read the following essential guides before using the STORY Station Plus with the eSATA interface.

Precautions for using the eSATA interface of STORY Station Plus

  • The eSATA cable does not supply power. Connect the additional power adapter to use your STORY Station Plus.
  • If both the USB cable and the eSATA cable are connected simultaneously, the eSATA interface will be enabled. To use the USB interface, disconnect the eSATA cable.
  • To use the eSATA interface, you need an eSATA port on your computer.
    If there is no eSATA port on your computer, you should buy and install an eSATA PCI Card or eSATA Bracket.
  • Some computers may require reboot to recognize the eSATA device.
    Shut down the computer before turning off the external drive or disconnecting the eSATA cable. Otherwise, it may cause data corruption.
  • Samsung bundled software does not support the eSATA interface. Use the USB interface to use Samsung AutoBackup, SecretZone, or Format Utility.
  • Only the STORY Station Plus model supports the eSATA interface and includes an eSATA cable.

Other notes on using the STORY Station Plus

Some computers or eSATA cards may not support Hot-Swap. You should reboot your computer while the STORY Station Plus is powered on, then power off the STORY Station Plus after.

If your Note PC cannot detect the STORY Station Plus via the eSATA interface, please download this patch to solve the connecting problem between some Note PCs and the eSATA-connected STORY Station Plus.
This patch program is only for use with the STORY Station Plus, models HX-DE050DB, HX-DE010EB, HX-DE015EB, HX-DE020EB.

Patch procedure:

  1. Connect the STORY Station Plus to your computer.
  2. Run Patch and wait.
  3. When the patch completes, a success message will display.

Do not disconnect or unplug the STORY Station Plus during the patch.

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