GoFlex Satellite - Firmware Release Notes

GoFlex Satellite - Firmware Release Notes

Firmware update information and notes for GoFlex Satellite. Check to see if a new update is available.

Released September 2013
Update for Apple iOS 7

Released September 2012
Update for Apple iOS 6 (addressing an issue with Wi-Fi disconnects)

Released March 2012

  • Ability to join an existing Wi-Fi network (Internet access while connected to the GoFlex Satellite)
  • Support for more than 3 users
  • Password change option located on main screen
  • Support for M4A (MP4) meta data (album art, song title, artists, etc are now displayed in the various menus)
  • A-Z scroll bars added to Movies and Documents screens
  • Option for extended battery life when combined with the current iOS GoFlex Media App (download/play feature on settings page)
  • The ability to toggle between the native video player and GoFlex Media video player for Android App on the settings page

Released October 2011

  • Enhanced music features including cover art and playlists
  • Photo slide shows with music
  • New Sorting options for album, artist and genre
  • General performance improvements

Released July 2011

  • Added new languages for Europe and Asia.
  • Added ability to "jump to" a page for viewing large media collections (new sort options coming in next revision).
  • Items highlighted when tapped (improved feedback that an item has been selected).
  • Multiple selection icon is now named Options.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version: 15June
Released June 2011
Corrected BETA label on Settings screen.

Version: 28May
Initial Release

To determine what firmware version is running on a GoFlex Satellite follow these steps:

  1. Power on the GoFlex Satellite.
  2. Connect to the GoFlex Satellite's Wi-Fi network.
    For instructions in Windows, see Document ID: 219407.
    For instructions in MacOS, see Document ID: 219403.
  3. Open an Internet browser (ie, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  4. Go to www.goflexsatellite.com
  5. Click Settings on the right of the screen.
  6. Read the Satellite software version (at the top of the screen on early versions, at the bottom of the screen on and above).



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