This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Using network devices without a DHCP router

If you do not have a DHCP server on your network or incorporated in your router, you should still be able to use the GoFlex Home, GoFlex TV, BlackArmor NAS, and FreeAgent Theater +.

Advanced networking setup requires some foreknowledge of network mapping. If you are unfamiliar with static networking, please, consult your network expert (IT administrator) for further assistance if you require a static network. Also, you will not be able to set a static IP for the GoFlex Net or FreeAgent Dockstar. DHCP must be available to use these products.

You will need to get some basic information about your current network before proceeding. This data will be used to setup your Seagate network product with a static IP address. You will need the Default Gateway, Subnetmask, and DNS server, and lastly, you will need to know of an IP address that is currnetly not in use on your network.

To accomplish this:

  1. Disable wifi on the computer (wifi connections often have a different IP address than hardwired/directly connected equipment, so it can interfere with determining your network's information).
  2. Determine your current IP address.
    1. Open the Windows Start menu.
    2. (Windows 7/Vista) Type cmd in the Search field and press Enter.
      (Windows XP) Select Run, then type cmd and press Enter.
    3. Type ipconfig /all
    4. Take note of the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
    5. In order to know exactly what IP address to use and the DNS Server information, please consult with your Network Admin or router manufacturer.
    Step 2 can be omitted during the setup for a GoFlex TV / FreeAgent Theater + since it is unnecessary to connect it directly to a computer. The setup screen can be accessed as long as the device is connected to a TV.
  3. Directly connect your device to the back of your computer using an ethernet cable.
  4. Once the Seagate network device is directly connected to the computer's ethernet port and powered on, you will have to wait up to 5 minutes for the product to get a self-assigned IP address.
    You will know this has happened when you see a "limited connectivity" message pop up in the lower right hand corner of your screen. This means that the network product has given up on getting an IP address assigned to it and has assigned itself an IP address.

Then, continue:


  1. Open the Seagate Dashboard software.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. This will open a webpage. Click on Preferences again.
  4. Scroll down to Server Preferences.
  5. Click on LAN Connection.
  6. Change Obtain IP address automatically to No.
  7. Fill in the information (you cannot leave any of the fields blank).
  8. Click Submit.

BlackArmor NAS:

  1. Open the Blackarmor Discovery software.
  2. Click View Drive Details.
  3. Click Manage. This opens a webpage.
  4. Sign in with your Blackarmor Admin account.
  5. Click on Network.
  6. Click on LAN.
  7. Click the Network Mode dropdown menu and select Static.
  8. Fill in the information (you cannot leave any of the fields blank).
  9. Leave MTU Size (Bytes) as the default unless you have a preference.
  10. Click Submit.

GoFlex TV / FreeAgent Theater +:

  1. Press the menu button on the remote control.
  2. Press the right button until you get to settings (the gear/wheel icon).
  3. Press the OK button.
  4. Press the right button until you are on the Network menu.
  5. Highlight Wired Setup with the arrow buttons, then press the OK button.
  6. Press the down button until you highlight Static IP (Manual), then press the OK button.
  7. Fill in the information (you cannot leave any of the fields blank).
  8. Highlight OK using the arrow buttons, then press the OK button.