Setting up your GoFlex Home as an iTunes server

Discusses the procedure for using a GoFlex Home as an iTunes server.

This article will discuss the procedure for using your GoFlex Home as an iTunes server.

First, please see Apple Support article 1751 for information on:

  • consolidating your iTunes library,
  • copying your iTunes folder to your external hard drive, and
  • restoring your iTunes library backup

Creating an iTunes library that all GoFlex Home users can access

  1. Open and log in to Seagate Share.
  2. Open the GoFlex Home Public folder, then click the plus (+) sign. The New Folder window opens.
  3. Enter a name for the folder (for instance, iTunes Library), then click Create. The new folder is created.
  4. Add songs to the new folder by dragging and dropping files into the folder.
  5. In the Content panel, move your mouse over the new folder, click the arrow that appears, then click Share with Media Devices.
    (If the Share with Media Devices option is not available, the folder is already enabled for sharing)
  6. On your computer, open iTunes. In the Edit menu, click Preferences, then select the Sharing tab and ensure that Look for Shared Libraries is selected. All music files stored in your new folder appear in the iTunes SHARED > GoFlex Home:iTunes folder.

You can play these songs within iTunes, but you cannot add them to a playlist. Photos, movies, and documents stored on GoFlex Home are not available within iTunes.



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