GoFlex Home - Error Code 50

GoFlex Home - Error Code 50

Explains the origin and troubleshooting of this error.

Here are all possibilities for which the problem can happen and solutions that can resolve it:

  1. A user has disabled remote access from the Preferences page but is trying to access their GoFlex Home remotely.
    Solution: When on the same network, login to the GoFlex Home UI, go to Preferences and enable remote access.
  2. The name Dashboard is looking for is different than what has been assigned to the GoFlex Home. This could happen if you log into the GoFlex Home remotely, access the Preferences page and change the name of the GoFlex Home. Back on the LAN, the Dashboard may still be searching for the old name.
    Solution: If the Dashboard is unable to detect the name change made to the GoFlex Home remotely, you can uninstall and then reinstall the Dashboard software. Newer versions of the Dashboard should be able to detect name changes made remotely.
    See Document ID: 214335 for instructions on uninstalling the Dashboard, and Document ID: 214225 for instructions on installing it.
  3. User is getting error -50 AND when they go to http://www.seagateshare.com to login, they are informed that their username and password are incorrect.
    Solution: Contact support@axentra.com to check the status on the CentralServer.
  4. The user has disabled remote access from Preferences, wants it to remain disabled, and is trying to access their GoFlex Home locally.
    Solution: Turn off firewalls to see if firewalls are preventing the communication between GoFlex Home and Dashboard. If disabling the firewall allows the GoFlex Home to be detected, you should then turn your firewall back on and create an exception within the firewall for the GoFlex Home.
  5. None of the above cases are true and none of the solutions have worked but you are still getting error -50.
    Solution: Contact support@axentra.com for detailed troubleshooting.



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