GoFlex Home - LED functionality

GoFlex Home - LED functionality

Describes the function and significance of the LEDs on the GoFlex Home.

There will be two LEDs being use to convey system and drive status.

  • A bi-color LED (Green, Yellow)  is used for system status. This LED will reflect the current state of the device (Start-up phase, Connected to service...). See Table 1 for details.
  • A White LED is used for cartridges drive status. See Table 2 for details.

Summary of LED function, Table 1 - LED 1 function



Starting up

Blinking green

Connection to network normal

Solid green

Not connected to network. Drive not ready,  problem with drive

Blinking yellow

Summary of LED function, Table 2 - LED 2 (SATA drive) function



SATA drive mounted

Solid white

When receiving Drive Safe Eject command

Blinking white

Drive not connected, or After drive ejected, drive is ready to be removed

LED off

Drive removed without safe removal

Blinking white for 10 seconds




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