GoFlex Home - LED functionality

Describes the function and significance of the LEDs on the GoFlex Home.

There will be two LEDs to convey system and drive status.

  • A bi-color LED (Green, Yellow)  is used for the system status. This LED will reflect the current state of the device (Start-up phase, Connected to service...). See Table 1 for details.
  • A White LED is used for drive status. See Table 2 for details.

Summary of LED function, Table 1 - LED 1 function



Starting up

Blinking green

Connection to network is normal

Solid green

Not connected to network; Drive not ready,  problem with drive

Blinking yellow

Summary of LED function, Table 2 - LED 2 (SATA drive) function



SATA drive mounted

Solid white

Receiving Drive Safe Eject command

Blinking white

Drive not connected; or after drive is ejected, drive is ready to be removed

LED off

Drive removed without safe removal

Blinking white for 10 seconds




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