The serial number on the outside of the box does not match the serial number on the drive. Is that normal?

Many newer Seagate retail products have more than one serialized product in the box. Therefore, the retail kit will have a unique serial number.

For example, the FreeAgent Go Flex USB 2.0 kits include a GoFlex Cartridge and a GoFlex USB 2.0 adapter. The drive module has a serial number and the USB 2.0 adapter has its own separate serial number.  Since there are two serial numbers in the kit, the outside of the box has a separate serial number to identify the complete kit, a third serial number for the box/retail kit.

If you have a kit serial number and part number, you can cross-reference the drive module and cable serial numbers using the using the Warranty Look-up page.

Note: Starting in July 2010, kits have two serial numbers on the cardboard box.
Kit serial number: Represents the entire kit.
External Drive Assembly (EDA) serial number: Represents the serial number for the drive module, or EDA.