How to install the Windows software bundled with GoFlex drive

Flash and text tutorial for installing the software bundled with the Seagate GoFlex drive in Windows.

When the drive is first plugged in, Windows XP and Windows Vista will provide an Autorun window with the option to "Start My Seagate FreeAgent". By selecting that option and pressing OK, you can begin the installation process.

Choose Start My Seagate FreeAgent.
Click OK.
If that option does not appear, or if you are running Windows 7, then you can open (My) Computer and browse the FreeAgent GoFlex drive, then double click Setup.

  1. The installation process will begin.
  2. Choose a language (the languages available will vary based on the language of the operating system).
  3. Choose a country (this will display the license agreement appropriate to your area).
  4. Read the license and if you agree, check I accept and click Next.
  5. Check the box next to the software you wish to install.
  6. Other software may be offered as a trial version, but the following are included:
    • FreeAgent GoFlex and GoFlex Desk - Includes Seagate Dashboard, Instant Backup
    • FreeAgent GoFlex Pro - Includes Seagate Dashboard, Premium Backup
      Note: The Dashboard software is required for the capacity gauge on the Dock to function.

The installation will copy the files and complete at this point.

After the software has installed, click Help for more information on using the software.

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