How to set up a backup with Instant Backup on a GoFlex, GoFlex Desk, or GoFlex Home

Instant Backup, included with the GoFlex, GoFlex Desk, and GoFlex Home drives is a simple program that allows the user to back up the data files of their primary drive to the GoFlex drive.

To start an Instant Backup plan:

  1. Double-click the Seagate Dashboard on the desktop of the computer.
  2. Open Instant Backup from the Seagate Dashboard. If the software is not yet installed, you will need to install it first. Click on the Install button from the Seagate Dashboard software.
  3. Click Start Backup to back up all data files on the C: drive.
    • Certain files are excluded from the backup by default:
      • The Program Files folder
      • Temporary Files
      • Log files
      • Virtual hard drive files
      • The Windows system folder

The graph on the left of the Dashboard screen shows how many files of different types (documents, pictures, music, and videos) are found on the local drive. The bar on the right shows you how full your backup destination, the GoFlex drive, is and what types of files are there (the colors coordinate with the colors of the graph on the left).

Optional advanced options:

  • If you want to back up selected folders only, then click Advanced Options.
  • Advanced options lets you drag selected folders from Windows Explorer into the backup selection. Note: Unsupported folder or files can not be added to the backup. If you are trying to add a file or folder and it will not allow you to drag and drop it in the window, then it is not supported.  
  • Remove any unwanted folders by selecting the folder and clicking Remove Selected Items.
  • If you want to encrypt the backup, there is an Encrypt My Backup option you can choose. This option will only be available before starting the backup. If the backup has already started without encryption, you will need to stop your current backup and start a new one in order to use encryption.
    Note: Be sure to read the warnings provided when setting up encryption.

Once you have set up the advanced options, click OK to return to the main screen. Then click Start Backup to begin the backup.

The video below is available to walk through the software visually:

View Flash Guide
View Flash Video: Adjusting Drive Settings using Seagate Dashboard

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