FreeAgent DockStar Active Copy FAQs

Frequently asked questions for FreeAgent Dockstar Active Copy, including information on usage, preparation, and troubleshooting.

How many copy operations can I have running at the same time?
Only one will run at a time, but you can set up a total of 64 copy operations.

I’m getting an error that says “Unable to run Active Copy - you are not on your LAN”. What does this mean?
The Drive application will, by default, not execute a copy operation unless the Pogoplug Enable Device and the CPU are on the same LAN (subnet). On the bottom of the Active Copy pane there is a checkbox “Only run Active Copy when you are on your LAN”. Uncheck it and you will be able to run copy operations no matter where your computer is in relation to your Pogoplug-enabled device.

I tried to copy and I’m getting a Copy Failed - why?
The most common reason is that the drive application could not reach the drive on the Pogoplug-enabled device. Click “Stop” and check the message. If it says "Copy to folder; Destination is not available", check to make sure the Pogoplug-enabled device is active (the LED is green), that your drive is online, and can be reached through the drive application. Once you have verified that the drive application can reach the drive, click Start again.

How does the drive application know what to copy?
When you click Start on any copy operation, the drive application will listen to that folder to see if anything has been added or updated. When it detects an updated or added file, it will wait 60 seconds to see if there are any other updates (for example, if you have just moved a number of files into that folder). 60 seconds after the last event, the copy operation will start, moving any new files to the destination location and over writing any files with a different size or date.

I want to copy ONLY files that are newer - can I do that?
In this release, an Active Copy (v2.0.3) will look for files where the time stamp (modified time) is different, not newer. If you were to have a file in your source location that is older, that will get copied to the Pogoplug-enabled device and replace the new file. The ability to have only newer versions of the file copied to the drive app may be an option in an updated version of the drive application.
I’m still having trouble getting an Active Copy to happen - what should I do now?
Check Pogoplug’s user community ( - another user may have already found the answer, or contact Seagate customer support.

If I delete a file / folder from my computer, will it also be deleted from the destination folder on my Pogoplug-enabled device?
No. Active Copy will not delete any files from your Pogoplug-enabled device at this release (v2.0.3). The ability to set an Active Copy to remove files (mirroring the source destination) may be an option in an updated version of the drive application.

What happens when I put a new HD on my Pogoplug? Do I need to reset my Active Copy?
Yes. The Active Copy knows to which directory on which hard drive (or partition) it is supposed to go, and will not switch to another one unless you specifically change the location. If you remove the drive to which a folder is copying, you will get see the indicator button turn red with the words "Copy Failed".

What if I don't keep my Videos, Pictures, Music in the standard folders?
You can start an Active Copy from any folder you want. On the Active Copy pane of your preferences window click “Set up Active Copy on a new folder” and select the folder where you put your media. A new Active Copy operation will appear in the list. Click Start and your media will be copied to the location listed.
Can I delete the pre-installed/shown Active Copy operations from my list?
You cannot delete the default operations, but if you click Stop, those operations will never run.

I’m running Tiger (10.4.x), and something seems different.
You are correct - in Tiger you have to manually set up an Active Copy to run. The drive application will still copy folders from your computer to you Pogoplug-enabled device, but you will have to set it up manually.



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