Seagate BlackArmor: Source Files Exclusion

Source files exclusion

This step will be present only for the My Computer and My Data backup types. It enables you to exclude unnecessary files from your backup in case when you just want to exclude some file types without creating custom categories. You can exclude hidden or system files and folders, as well as files matching the criteria you specify. You can add your own criteria by clicking Add. While adding criteria, you can use the common Windows wildcard characters and type several criteria in the same line separating them by semicolons.

For example, to exclude all files with .gif and .bmp extensions, you may type *.gif;*.bmp. One more thing – if, for example, you want to exclude all the files with the name of test regardless of their extension, you should specify exclusion criteria such as test.*, otherwise those files will not be excluded. You can also specify the path to a folder to be excluded, for example, C:\Program Files\Common Files\. Note that the path must end with the "\" symbol, otherwise the folder will not be excluded.  These filter settings will take effect for the current task.