Seagate Manager: FreeAgent Drive Light States and Options

The light on your FreeAgent drive flashes to indicate various drive states. The following
information applies to all FreeAgent drives.

Drive State


Off or Hibernate



90% illumination

Active (data transfer)

Slow flashing between 90% and 20% illumination

Standby (disk not spinning)

20% illumination

Unmounted or cable removed



Fast flashing

Disabling the activity light:

The LED Control feature allows you to control the lights on your drive. Your drive lights flicker
to indicate drive activity and status.

Note:  This feature is only available for FreeAgent drives.

  1. In the My Drives window, select the drive you want to adjust and click Settings.  The Settings window opens.
  2. Click Adjust LED Control.  The Drive Lights window opens.
  3. To turn the drive lights off, click Turn lights off and click Apply.  To turn the drive lights back on, click Display status and activity lights and click Apply.

The drive lights may automatically turn back on in the following situations:

• If power is turned off and back on for the drive
• If the drive is disconnected and reconnected