Seagate/Maxtor Manager - What is the History folder and what if I delete it?

Seagate Manager and Maxtor Manager have a history folder that contains historical data of current data being backed up.

To locate the History folder.

  1. Open My Computer (XP), Computer (Vista/7)
  2. Open the external drive letter.
  3. Open “Seagate Backup” or “Maxtor Backup” respective to the backup software.
  4. Open the next folder “pcname” which is the name of the computer.
  5. The History folder is now listed along side a folder for the C: drive and any other drives being backed up.

How does the History folder work?
During a backup data that has been changed since the last backup which has had any modifications or changes will be moved to the History folder, and current or most recent Data is being copied into the C: folder mentioned above on step 5.
The History folder stores up to 10 copies of historical data before removing the oldest one.

Note: Files that are deleted from the original source (the computer) are seen by the software during backup, as missing or not current. The software then makes adjustments and moves the missing data it currently has backed up to the History folder. Keeping only what is current under the C: folder.

Deleting files from the History folder.

Files and contents in the History folder can be deleted. The effects of removing information from the History folder is similar to removing the index of a book. When another backup is performed this index is recreated based on what is located in the “C” folder of the backup directory. An inventory is taken of this data as the backup starts from the beginning to rebuild this index for future backups. The differences in the details of the files including the date and size enables the software to backup incrementally, or only backup the changes that have occurred to any existing files.