Maxtor Shared Storage II - How to Format an External USB Drive

The following procedure provides the steps necessary to partition and format an External USB Drive to be used in conjunction with the Shared Folder Backup feature. Once prepared, this External Drive can be used as a backup for user data located on the Maxtor Shared Storage II. This procedure assumes that you have already connected an External USB Drive to the back of your Maxtor Shared Storage II and that you are currently logged into the Maxtor Shared Storage II - Home Page as administrator.

  1. From the Maxtor Shared Storage II - Home Page, select Shared Folder Backup.
  2. A web page displays notifying you that the USB Drive is not formatted correctly. Click Yes to continue.
  3. You will then need to choose the USB drive to prepare. From the drop down field, select the External USB Drive you wish to format and click Next to continue.
  4. A page opens warning you that this process will erase all data on the selected drive. Click Yes to continue.
  5. At this point the External USB Drive is partitioned/formated with the Ext3 (Linux) File System...this could take awhile (up to 10 minutes depending on the External Drive's capacity).
  6. When finished, a Status Page will display informing you that your USB drive is reformatted and is ready for use as additional storage. Click Done to return to the Shared Folder Backup index page.

Maxtor Shared Storage II Video Tutorial - How to Format an External USB Drive for use with Shared Folder Backup.