BlackArmor NAS 440/420 Hangs While Going Through Setup

Troubleshooting in case the BlackArmor NAS 4x0 unit hangs while going through the General Setup page.

You may discover that your BlackArmor NAS 440/420 unit hangs while going through the General Setup page.
Seagate has identified an issue that can occur when the user attempts to initially configure the server. When reaching the General Setup page, the system hangs and fails to continue. This issue has been seen with BlackArmor NAS 440/420 units using firmware revision 4000.0261 as the native code.

Follow this procedure to resolve the issue:

  1. Access the Setup Wizard page.
  2. Click on the Calendar icon.

  3. Select a date earlier than September 30, 2009.

  4. Click Next. Following the remaining screens to complete the Setup Wizard.
  5. Reboot your BlackArmor NAS unit when finished.
  6. Login with the admin username and the new admin password. The System Status page opens.
  7. Click SYSTEM -> General Setup.
  8. There, make any necessary changes to the date/time settings.

Note: The original firmware on your NAS in most likely revision 4000.0261 or 4000.0271. Seagate recommends that you download the latest firmware revision available at our Download page.



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