FreeAgent DockStar Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for FreeAgent DockStar drives, including information on usage, supported file formats, and connections.

I see several references to Pogoplug in conjunction with FreeAgent DockStar – why?
Seagate Technologies has partnered with Pogoplug to bring you the FreeAgent DockStar. When using DockStar, users will be sharing their on-line memories (pictures, music, videos, documents, etc) via the Pogoplug website.

How do I know if FreeAgent DockStar will work with my drive?
FreeAgent DockStar is compatible with any external USB 2.0 hard drive or memory stick.

What drive formats will work with my FreeAgent DockStar?
Drives formatted with NTFS, FAT32, Mac OS Extended Journaled and non-Journaled (HFS+), and EXT-2/EXT-3 are fully supported by FreeAgent DockStar.

When will DockStar be available and where can I get one?
The FreeAgent DockStar network adapter is available immediately through,, and New, for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $99.99 USD, with a 1-year free service for sharing and remote access capabilities. A subscription fee of$29.99/year for continued, unlimited sharing and remote access will be charged thereafter.

Can I attach multiple hard drives to my FreeAgent DockStar?
Yes! Along with the built in FreeAgent Go Dock, you can connect another 3, USB 2.0 devices to your FreeAgent DockStar that all show up under your account.

How do I know if FreeAgent DockStar will work with my home network?
FreeAgent DockStar works with most consumer home networking equipment. If you have a business-grade router in the home, you may need to manually adjust some network settings.

How do I activate my FreeAgent DockStar?
Prior to connecting power, Ethernet cabling, and USB 2.0 drives to your DockStar, locate the Activation Key. After doing so, access Follow the step on the webpages to connect and activate your DockStar.

Can I plug anything else into my FreeAgent DockStar?
No, it is specifically designed to work with USB 2.0 drives. Please do not plug in any FireWire and/or eSATA drives to the DockStar. Other USB devices that cannot be connected include cup warmers, lamps, fans, rocket launcher, etc.

Will DockStar support the connectivity of Encrypted USB Drives?
DockStar will not support USB Drives nor data on USB drives that requires password access.

What is the purpose of the Reset button on the FreeAgent DockStar?
The Reset button, when pressed is a simple; non-evasive way of restarting your DockStar without the need to pull the power plug to restart the device.

How will my USB drive appear when connected to DockStar
Your USB drive and its content will be displayed in the Web Interface. This content will not appear as a drive letter in Windows nor in Mac OS X's Finder. If you would like to have this functionality, it is suggested that you download the software applets.

Why does it take so long for thumbnails to generate?
This depends on how many files have to be indexed/thumbnails generated. If you just have a few family pictures, it should take no time at all. However, the more content, the longer the time needed to generate thumbnails. Tests have shown that it took over three (3) days to generate thumbnails for 40GB of nothing but picures.

Do I need to use any special software with my FreeAgent DockStar?
The FreeAgent DockStar works from a Web browser interface. If you want to access FreeAgent DockStar as a networked drive from inside or outside your home, a short download for your Windows or Mac computer is required.

Can I still use the FreeAgent DockStar locally in the event that my network connection goes down?
Yes. To do this, access the Web Interface - Settings - WFS (Windows File Sharing). From there, you can name a workgroup or provide access to data on a connected drive.

Can I access my FreeAgent DockStar drive from my office? Or my hotel room? Or my friends' house?
Yes. Yes. Yes. You can also connect to it from your 3G networked netbook while on the train. Or from your laptop in a coffee shop; you can even access your DockStar from your iPhone.

How can I share my photos or videos with people?
When you visit you'll have full access to view and share your files (provided that you have already activated your DockStar). Simply click on a file, folder, or album, and then enter the email address(es) of whomever you want to share with. Best of all, your friends or family won't even need to “register”, they can just click the shared link and off they go.

What do I do if I cannot Activate my DockStar?
On rare occasions, it may prove difficult to activate your FreeAgent DockStar. In the event this occurs, please contact Seagate Technical Support, explain the problem at hand along with providing the Technician with the DockStar's Activation Code and your email address. We will then escalate the issue to our engineers and manually force the activation. This process usually takes 2 hours. Once complete, you will be notified by email that your DockStar is activated; at which time you can complete the setup of your DockStar on your local network.

Can I use the FreeAgent DockStar for backup?
Yes, you can use ‘Active Copy’ to backup your local system to a USB drive on the Dockstar.  You can even backup from your work computer to your Dockstar at home but beware of your IT department's data policies and procedures.  ‘Active Copy’ is a feature that can be accessed from the Web Interface or from the Drive Application ( .  For more information about ‘Active Copy’, please see Document ID: 213711.

You can also use Seagate Manager to backup to a FreeAgent External drive that is connected to the FreeAgent Dockstar.  Only Seagate Manager v2.1.600 is compatible.  In order for Seagate Manager to detect the FreeAgent Dockstar connected drives, the Drive Application must be installed.  Once you log into the Drive Application, Windows will assign a drive letter to the FreeAgent Dockstar drives and Seagate Manager will detect that drive letter as a destination for your backups.



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