Maxtor BlackArmor - Installing Maxtor Manager from the Pre-Boot Area

The Pre-Boot Area of the Maxtor BlackArmor conatins a Backup Copy of the Maxtor Manager Software. The copy may prove beneficial to have in the event that you need to install software on multiple devices and the original installer was removed from the Host Area of the drive. To install Maxtor Manager from the Pre-Boot Area:

  1. Connect the BlackArmor drive to your computer. The AutoPlay window opens.
  2. Click Open folder to view files. An Explorer/Computer window opens showing the contents of the Pre-Boot Area
  3. Open the Maxtor Manager folder
  4. Double-click on Launch.exe. Folow the on-screen prompts to install the Maxtor manager software.

Maxtor BlackArmor Video Tutorial: Installing Maxtor Manager from BlackArmor's Pre-Boot Area

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