Sharing the Central Axis with Windows XP Media Center and XBOX

Instructions for loading media to the Maxtor Central Axis, installing the necessary update, and adding shared folders to the XBox, etc.


First, you will need a PC with:

  1. Windows XP Media Center, with Service Pack 2
  2. Windows Media Player 11, and
  3. Media Center Extender updates from Microsoft.

The Media Server function on the Central Axis is not used to share content with XBOX; you must use Microsoft's Media Center Extender.

Load Media to Central Axis
This article assumes the Central Axis is already setup on your home network and that your media files are already loaded to the public shared folders: Our Music, Our Movies, and/or Our Photos.
Do not add any password-protected folders to this sharing process.

Upgrade to Media Player 11

  1. Upgrade your PC to Windows Media Player 11. (Media Player 11 includes Windows Media Connect).
  2. After the upgrade is complete, open Windows Media Player 11.
  3. Make sure your XBOX is turned on and connected to your home network.
  4. Select Tools > Options > click the Library tab.
  5. Click on Configure Sharing.
  6. Add check marks to the boxes Find Media that others are sharing, and Share my media to:
  7. In the devices box, you should see your XBOX with an exclamation mark (!) in front of it.
    Click on the XBOX icon and select Allow.
  8. Click Apply and OK.
  9. The sharing feature will make the appropriate changes to your Windows Firewall allowing you to share your computer with the XBOX. Click OK.
  10. Close the Options page, and close Media Player 11.

    Media Player 11 does not extend or share any folders from other devices on your network. It only shares the media files on your PC to the XBOX. Windows Media Center and Media Center Extender are the applications you need to install to allow sharing of other devices on your network with the XBOX.

Install Media Center Update and Media Center Extender from

  1. Update your Windows XP Media Center Edition to version 5.1.2715.3011 update rollup 2.
  2. Download the Media Center Extender MCE05Lite-enu.exe and run the setup program.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions of your PC and XBOX to generate the 8-digit setup key from your XBOX.
  4. After you supply the 8-digit key, the extender software will start searching and building an index of music files that are currently on your network to share with the XBOX.
    : The more music files you have, the longer it takes for Windows to generate a list of file names to share with the XBOX. It could require hours. You might want to take advantage of the "Search for music files later" check box.)

Add Central Axis Public Shared folders to XBOX

  1. After installation is complete, Media Center should be displaying the Start menu on your XBOX. Use the game controller to scroll down and select My Videos.
  2. When the Sort By Name and Sort By Date box appears in the upper left corner, press and hold the LT button, then press the X button to open the Add Video box in the lower right corner.
  3. Select Add Videos.
  4. Press A to display the video discovery page.
  5. Select Add Folders.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Select the Add Shared Folders From Another Computer checkbox.
  8. Select Next.
  9. When the Public folder from your Central Axis displays, select the folder.
  10. Select Next, and Finish.
  11. When complete, Media Center will display a paned folder. Select the folder and all the default public folders will display on the following page.
  12. Select the Our Movies folder to view the movies that are shared by your Central Axis.


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