Maxtor Central Axis Server FAQs

Frequently asked questions for Maxtor Central Axis drives, including information on usage, backup, and data access.

Q. What is the Central Axis Network Storage Server?
A. The Central Axis hardware/software solution that integrates high-capacity storage backup, remote access, and sharing. Central Axis makes it easy to securely share files and access them over the web while delivering peace of mind through a reliable, automatic backup process.

Q. When I buy a Central Axis, what do I get?
A. You receive the Central Axis hardware and the Central Axis software on CD-ROM, as well as a Central Axis Web Services account for no additional charge. Included in the packing box are a power lead and an Ethernet cable to be used to connect the Central Axis to your home network.

Q. Is Central Axis a storage device?
A. Yes. Central Axis is a storage device specialized for backup and sharing of data on computers connected to a local network.

Q. How many gigabytes can it back up?
A. The current storage capacity of the Central Axis is 1 terabyte (1000 GB) and it is capable of backing up all the computers on your network, provided the Central Axis Manager software is installed on each computer to administer backup scheduling.

Q. Is Central Axis a RAID device?
A. No. Central Axis uses a single drive.

Q. What if I have a static IP address?
A. The Central Axis and Global Access sharing services work with both static and dynamic IP addresses from your broadband Internet supplier. Once you connect your Central Axis to your local area network, it works automatically with DHCP to configure itself on your network.

Q. Can I program Central Axis to back up my files once a day?
A. Yes.  By default the Central Axis software installs with the backup feature defaulted to backup your computer every night at 10 p.m.

Q. Can the Central Axis Personal Server run applications over the network or remotely through the web?
A. No. The Central Axis Personal Server is not an application server.

Q. Can a virus on my PC or Mac infect files backed up on a Central Axis?
A. No, a virus cannot infect your backed up files. The Central Axis uses the Linux operating system, which is not susceptible to Windows-based viruses. If a virus attacks your computer, you can use your Central Axis to restore previously backed up, virus-free versions of your files.



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