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Software Installation for GoFlex, FreeAgent, or OneTouch does not start automatically in Windows

This article will discuss what you can do if the software installation doesn’t automatically start when you connect your drive for the first time in Windows.

When you connect your external drive for the first time the software should prompt to install within 2 minutes.

If the install prompt does not appear, then the Autorun feature of Windows may be disabled on your computer.
Launch the installation manually by following these steps:

  1. Open (My) Computer.

  2. Double-click the icon for your FreeAgent or OneTouch drive. The first time you connect the drive the icon will look like this.


     If you are connecting the drive to a second computer, then the icon would have been replaced by a icon that looks like your FreeAgent or OneTouch drive.  If the drive does not display in (My) Computer, please visit our external drive troubleshooters for more instructions.

  3. Open the file appropriate for your drive:

    • For FreeAgent GoFlex drives, double-click Setup.exe

    • For FreeAgent drives, double-click InstallSeagateManager.exe or Setup.exe

    • For Maxtor OneTouch 4 drives, double-click Launch.exe

    • For FreeAgent Pro and Go Classic (brown) drives, double-click Install FreeAgent Tools.exe

    • For FreeAgent Desktop Classic (brown) drives, double-click Launch.exe

    If there is no software on the drive, please visit our Software Download page to download the appropriate software.

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