How do I identify / differentiate between Seagate External power supplies?

The following will help you identify Seagate external storage power supplies. 

Please click on the name of your product to see an image of its power supply.

Direct-attached storage drives

Backup Plus Desktop and Backup Plus for Mac Desktop
GoFlex Desk and GoFlex Desk for Mac (most models) (some models)
Expansion External Drive (newer model) (older model)

Network-attached storage

Wireless Plus
Seagate Central
Business NAS 4-bay
Business NAS 2-bay
Business NAS 1-bay
GoFlex Satellite (image of the power supply) (image of the barrel)
GoFlex Home - most power supplies will include the interchangeable connector
GoFlex Home - some power supplies in the US will have a fixed connector

GoFlex Net
BlackArmor NAS 440 / 420
BlackArmor NAS 220 (see here a close-up of the label)
BlackArmor NAS 110 (see here a close-up of the label)
FreeAgent DockStar (may come in black or white depending on the product)

Home Entertainment media devices

GoFlex TV (see here a close-up of the label)
DVR Expander (see here a close-up of the power connector on the back of the device)
FreeAgent Theater Plus
FreeAgent Theater

Legacy direct-attached storage drives

FreeAgent Desk
FreeAgent Desk for Mac
Seagate BlackArmor WS 110
FreeAgent Xtreme
FreeAgent Pro Classic(single pin) with power switch
FreeAgent Desktop Classic (single pin) without power switch
Seagate External Drive (image of power supply label) (image of drive back)
Seagate Pushbutton External/eSATA drive (single pin power) (image of power supply) (image of drive back, model A) (image of drive back, model B)
Seagate Pushbutton (4-pin power) (image of power supply) (image of drive back, model A)
Seagate Portable drive (The power supply was not bundled with the drive because this drive normally derives its power from the USB Y-cable; see Document ID: 174571 for more information.)