Software Firewalls May Impede Access To Ceedo Software

Windows (or other third-party) firewalls may impede access to Ceedo. This article explains.
You may find that the Windows (or other 3rd-party) Firewall is impeding access to Ceedo. Some firewalls may initially prohibit access to certain, networked applications (e.g., Ceedo).

To resolve this issue, simply grant, allow or enable access to Ceedo software so that it is an accepted application by your software firewall. The following shows you how to add Ceedo Applications to the Windows Firewall Software Exceptions List

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Select Windows Firewall
  3. From the Windows Firewall window, click on the Exceptions tab.
  4. From the Exceptions window, click on the Add Program button.
  5. The Add a Program window opens. Click Browse to access:
    drive letter of your FreeAgent Drive:\Ceedo\Ceedo\Ceedo.exe
    For Example: If your FreeAgent Go Drive letter is G:, the path would be:
    Image OK.
  6. At this point, the Ceedo Program is added to the Firewall's Exceptions list.
    Image OK and close the Windows Firewall window.

Additional Information: Other utilities associated with Ceedo may need to be added as well (for instance, McAfee's Personal Firewall Plus prompts to Grant Access to the Ceedo executable napplay.exe). Simply grant access to these applications as well. Please refer to your Software Firewall's documentation for information on granting access to networked applications.



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