Memeo AutoBackup - Changing Your Backup Plan

Flash and text tutorial for changing a backup plan with Memeo AutoBackup.
To Change (edit) Your Backup Plan:
  1. Launch Memeo AutoBackup - this can be accomplished by:
    • Double-click FreeAgent Tools located on your desktop. When the FreeAgent Tools Command Panel opens, select Backup & Restore
    • Double-click the AutoBackup desktop shortcut
  2. Memeo AutoBackup opens. Click Change Selected Files
  3. The Step 2 SELECT ITEMS TO BACKUP screen will open. From this window, you can:
    • Remove Items from your Backup Plan:
      1. Highlight the Backup Item you wish to remove
        Note: You cannot select multiple items for removal - you can select just one (1) backup item at a time
      2. Click Remove Selected Item. The item is removed from the backup plan
        Note: Though removed, items removed from a Backup Plan remain on the FreeAgent Drive unless they are manually deleted.
    • Add Items to your Backup Plan:
      1. Click Add Selected Item.
      2. From the SmartPicks window, check Backup Items you wish to add to you backup plan and click Done.
  4. The AutoBackup File Tally window opens. Check Do not show this message in the future if you don t want to see this window again and click OK.
  5. A Backup Plan Confirmation window opens. Verify your backup plan is correct and click Done.
    A window opens showing the progress of your backup. The amount of time it takes to complete your backup depends upon how much data you ve selected for backup.
  6. When your backup is complete, the Backup Complete window opens with a summary of your Backup information. Close AutoBackup when finished. If needed, close the FreeAgent Tools Command Panel. After the backup, AutoBackup software monitors file and folder changes and automatically backs up whenever your system is idle. Any time your FreeAgent drive is disconnected from your computer, AutoBackup builds a list of the files that have changed since the last backup and automatically backs up those files once your drive is reconnected.

Note: For more information on AutoBackup features, visit

FreeAgent Drive Flash Video: Memeo AutoBackup - Editing Your Backup Plan

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