FreeAgent Pro Tools Utilities - Performing Drive Diagnostics

Flash and text tutorial for performing diagnostics on FreeAgent Pro.

You should run a diagnostic on your drive regularly as part of general maintenance. A health check determines hard disk integrity and can help troubleshoot potential problems with disk surface, partitioning, and drive recognition. To run a drive diagnostic:

  1. Close all open files located on the FreeAgent drive.
  2. Open the Seagate FreeAgent Tools application. Click Utilities in the Command panel.
  3. The Utilities window opens. Click Run Drive Diagnostics.
  4. The Run Drive Diagnostics window opens. Click Test to begin the drive diagnostic. The diagnostic utility performs its tests without affecting the data on your drive and takes only a short time to complete. When the test is complete, the Utilities window displays the results. If the drive encounters an error during testing, the window displays an error code with instructions to contact Seagate for service and support.
  5. Click OK to return to the Utilities window

FreeAgent Drive Flash Videos: FreeAgent Pro Tools - Performing drive diagnostics on your FreeAgent Pro drive.

These will link to a Flash Videos that show you how to use the FreeAgent Pro Tools, Diagnostics procedure

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