Maxtor Fusion Frequently Answered Questions

Frequently asked questions for Maxtor Fusion drives, including information on usage of Maxtor Fusion Online, backup, and specifications.

1.   What is Maxtor Fusion?
The popularity of digital video, music and pictures has triggered an avalanche of content that is overwhelming to organize, manage, access and share. Maxtor Fusion solves this dilemma. Working as an easy-to-use network-attached solution, it makes sharing and organizing personal digital content simple and fun. It includes a user-friendly, yet powerful browser-based interface, licensed from software maker Fabrik Inc., so you can quickly organize, retrieve, access, blend and assemble all types of multimedia content for sharing personal experiences, events and memories with others over the Web, either privately or publicly in a secure manner. Maxtor Fusion supports Windows and Mac, provides 500GB of high capacity storage and offers fast Gigabit Ethernet connection to network router.  

2.   What makes Maxtor Fusion so cool?
However you’re used to sharing your digital files with friends and family, Maxtor Fusion makes it so much quicker and easier. One reason is that Maxtor Fusion, the industry’s first weblication, runs via a simple-to-use Web browser, but works as smoothly as a desktop application. It gives users drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to scroll within the Web screen without disruptive refreshing. So you just “think about it and do it” with no waiting.

Another great feature is the way it organizes your digital content. With Maxtor Fusion, no matter how much content you own, you will know where everything is because it’s stored in a centralized location. You can even tag (or name) groups or single digital files with key words or phrases to find files more quickly at a later date. You can grab tons of digital files and put together a multimedia extravaganza to share or post, and feel like you have a creative assistant at your side helping you compile your inspirations with no hassles or roadblocks.

3.   What is a weblication?
a:    A Web-based application.
b:    A hybrid Web application that runs on a home network appliance or on a virtual machine “in the cloud” that delivers the deep functionality of a client application through a Web browser interface. In contrast to the disjointed, screen-by-screen presentation style of traditional Web pages, weblications provide smooth, visual continuity such as drag-and-drop and the ability to scroll within the browser window without disruptive refreshing. Visual richness is provided through technologies such as Ajax and Flash. Because weblications are browser-based, PC, Mac, UNIX and Linux users can cohabitate on the same solution.
c:    By leveraging the intelligence of tags, file metadata and databases, weblications help consumers easily organize and sort through enormous amounts of videos, photos, music and documents. This organizational construct adapts to the user’s specific blend of content and purpose to enable quick sorting, searching and sharing of files. 
b:    When sending a compilation of personal video, music, photo and document files, weblications utilize the full spectrum of public sharing, microsharing and microlinking techniques. Microsharing and microlinking provide users with control over the selection of content and invited guests.

4.   What are the solution’s highlights?
Maxtor Fusion provides a silky-smooth, easy-to-use interface that supports virtually any type and blend of content—videos, music, pictures or documents. It is designed specifically for centralizing, organizing, personalizing and socializing using personal digital content. All that’s needed is an Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, an email address and some content.

Do you prefer to keep your personal digital content in an unstructured heap? Or are you meticulous in cataloging your content? Either way, Maxtor Fusion makes organizing, sorting and searching a breeze. Typical file managers restrict you to the traditional file name/folder tree method of organization. Maxtor Fusion uses traditional methods but also provides organizational flexibility with the use of tags, metadata and an internal database, all accessible though a simple and intuitive interface. So now you can tag all the photos of your baby with his/her name or easily catalog/name every vacation or special event any way you choose for fast searching, sorting and sharing. 

With organized content at hand, you can quickly assemble a personalized multimedia experience to share and socialize with friends and family. Quickly create groups of content—photos, music, videos, whatever—based on an event or experience, a person, an activity or even a mood. This would take hours with folder-centric or album-centric methods, but you can do it in seconds with the Maxtor Fusion personal media solution.   

Sharing personal content can be a hard and tedious process. Personal media files can be too big for email. Online sharing services often lack the privacy controls that users want. The Maxtor Fusion personal media solution overcomes these limitations with fine-grain controls for “microsharing.” Unlike services that force you to share entire folders with an entire group or even the entire Web, microsharing lets you quickly select just the content you want and only the specific people you want to share it with. You also have a choice to create “microlinks” to link personally-selected content to blog sites or online auction and social sites like eBay or MySpace. For those with content that they wish to boast to the world, the Public Site feature enables quick and easy creation of a personal Web page made up of pictures, video clips, music and even documents that you select.
5.   Who is the Maxtor Fusion solution for?
The solution is for families, bloggers, creative professionals and anyone who actively creates, acquires and shares personal digital content such as video, music and pictures. These “connected” consumers not only have all the gadgets (cell phones, digital music players, computers, etc) but are also comfortable using the Web to communicate.

6.   What is Maxtor Fusion Online?
As an alternative to the Maxtor Fusion personal media solution, Seagate will be bundling Maxtor Fusion Online service with its Maxtor-branded solutions including the Maxtor OneTouch™ and Maxtor Shared Storage™ product families.

Maxtor Fusion Online provides the same simple, yet powerful interface and rich Web application of the Maxtor Fusion solution, but instead of using a physical solution connected to your home network, multimedia content is uploaded to a secure online site giving you the unique, feature-rich multimedia experience and flexibility to easily store, access, share and organize personal content anytime, anywhere. As part of the bundled promotion, Maxtor Fusion Online was free for an extended period of time with an option to renew to a yearly multi-level subscription service. The promotional bundle, terms and pricing was available the year of Fusion's launch.

7.   Can I sign up for Maxtor Fusion Online without purchasing a Maxtor product?
Maxtor Fusion Online is no longer available.

8.   What are some of the uses for the Maxtor Fusion solution?
The simplicity and depth of the Maxtor Fusion solution enables it to fulfill a variety of uses. With ease-of-use designed in for both users and invited guests, every member of the extended circle of friends and family can enjoy viewing and sharing digital content.

  • Family Historians can share pictures and video of latest birthdays or childhood achievements with friends and family.
  • Document Shufflers can remotely access and share documents with colleagues, business associates or accountants.
  • College Students can access their music library from their dorm room.
  • Teen Cliques can share the daily pile of pictures and video clips taken from their cell phone or listen to their favorite songs from their friend’s house.
  • Grandparents can watch their grandchildren grow up through an immersive, rich-media experience.

9.  What is the pricing and availability of the Maxtor Fusion solution?
Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $799 for 500GB.

10.   $799 seems a bit expensive? Why is the price so high?

  • At $799, consumers receive a 500GB Maxtor Fusion personal media solution that easily connects to a home network sitting safely behind the user’s Firewall. It is not just storage in a box with remote access - it is a powerful and robust solution with many advantages, features and functionality including:
  • Acts as your own personal Web server
  • Includes full functionally of the online service – no yearly subscription fees
  • It is browser-based so you can access your photos, music and documents from any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world
  • Has its own operating system, motherboard and high-speed processor
  • Contains a high capacity 500GB hard drive
  • Features a durable design and enclosure from an industry leader
  • Provides localized storage that is safe and secure behind a home network firewall
  • Brings together disjointed “islands” of content in the home and on the Web to one physical solution
  • Offers two USB 2.0 ports for:
  • Expanding storage capacity, and/or
  • Easily backing up content stored on the solution
  • Offers faster access speeds because it is directly connected to your home network

11.  Why would someone buy this instead of using free or less expensive online solutions?
Most online solutions don’t support the complete range of storing or sharing personal content types—music, video and pictures—or offer the ability to easily organize, sort and search content. Without these vital features, your ability to socialize using your digital content can be stymied by a mountain of content. Also, Maxtor Fusion is the only solution that gives consumers the option to store content in the “cloud” or on a local device behind their home firewall. 

12 Why buy a Maxtor Fusion solution instead of a network storage solution with remote access?
Most such solutions lack the application-level capability that is essential to socializing. Rich media sharing requires the ability to create a personalized experience with a mixture of content through a single, uniform interface. Remote sharing alone forces users to manually sift through and physically construct folders or files to be shared. Those viewing or listening to the shared content are then forced to find and use multiple applications on their PC. The experience on both sides ends up being not one of socialization but one of file exchange.

13.  Can I use the Maxtor Fusion device to back up my computer?
In its first generation, the Maxtor Fusion solution is not designed to be a backup device. But if the end user so desires, the Maxtor Fusion solution can be seen as a network drive, and used as a backup target, although this function is not supported by Seagate on this product.

14.  How do users back up their Maxtor Fusion solution?
The Maxtor Fusion solution includes two slave USB ports on the rear of the device. These can be used for attaching additional Maxtor OneTouch or Seagate Pushbutton USB storage solution for either backing up the device, or for storage capacity expansion. For the online service, most consumers will keep the original copy of the digital content stored on their local desktop as well as in the “cloud,” thereby creating two copies.

15.  When will the Maxtor Fusion solution be available worldwide?
The initial launch is focused in the United States only. Worldwide rollout is still being planned, details to follow.

16.  What are the solution’s system requirements?
Microsoft Windows

  • Pentium III 500 MHz system equivalent or higher
  • 50MB hard disk space
  • 256MB RAM (512MB or more recommended)
  • Windows XP Home/Professional/Media Center Edition SP2 or higher
  • Video/Display: 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Internet Browser Requirements:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher
  • Available 10Mbps or faster Ethernet adapter


  • Apple PowerPC G3 processor equivalent or higher


  • Intel Core Duo 1.66 MHz processor equivalent or higher
  • 20MB hard disk space
  • 256MB RAM (512MB or more recommended)
  • Macintosh OS X 10.4 or higher
  • Video/Display: 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Internet Browser Requirements:
    • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher
    • Note: Apple Safari 1.2 or higher is supported for Setup Wizard functionality but is not supported for user login sessions.
  • Available 10Mbps or faster Ethernet adapter

Network Hardware Prerequisites

  • A broadband connection via DSL, cable modem, etc.

      Note: A dial-up connection is not recommended because uploading content will be slower.

  • A DHCP-enabled router is needed so that you can share content and have the ability to setup accounts for other people. It is also strongly recommended that you have your router’s model number and user manual available for use later on in this Setup Guide.

17.  What is included in the Maxtor Fusion retail kit?
The following components are included:

  • Maxtor Fusion Solution
  • Ethernet cable
  • External AC power adapter
  • Quick Start CD
  • Setup guide

18.  How does the device handle content protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) schemes?
DRM schemes generally protect content, and apply limitations on usage, by application at the file level and by relating permissions to a specific device. The Maxtor Fusion does not interfere with these DRM schemes. That is, while content protected by various DRM technologies can be shared using the Maxtor Fusion solution, the content will not be accessible if downloaded to a device which is not authorized under the DRM protection scheme.  Of course, Seagate expects users to respect the rights of content owners and to abide by the usage requirements and restrictions applied by DRM on the content.
19.  How many media formats does this support?
The Maxtor Fusion solution supports all common file types so there is no restriction on media format for storing, organizing or sharing. Automated thumbnail generation is performed for jpg, tif, bmp and gif file formats. Document type thumbnails are also applied to Microsoft® Office and Adobe Acrobat® file types.

20.  How many people can simultaneously access content from the Maxtor Fusion solution?
Several people can access content from the Maxtor Fusion personal media solution at once. However, the number of concurrent sessions can affect response time depending on the activity for each specific session. The architecture is designed to support four simultaneous heavy-load users where hundreds of image files are being uploaded by each user. Other heavy-load activity, such as concurrent playback or downloading of files, can be limited more by connection bandwidth than by the performance of the Maxtor Fusion solution.

21.  Does the Maxtor Fusion solution support Mac and Windows?
Yes. The underlying weblication is browser-based and can be accessed via any computer that has a Firefox or Internet Explorer browser with Java support. This includes Windows, Mac, UNIX and Linux computers.

22.  How secure is the Maxtor Fusion solution?
The Maxtor Fusion personal media solution is built on a secure Linux platform, similar to those used for enterprise security appliances. To minimize vulnerabilities, the solution has a secure firewall with only the required set of services exposed externally. Additionally, a layered-code architecture separates the user interface implementation from the back-end code, which carefully validates and processes all requests. Similarly, the user management framework is designed so that only the owner or administrator has access to various sensitive operations, without the ability to delegate them to others.  

The Maxtor Fusion online service runs the weblication on a virtual server that is dedicated to a specific user session. This approach minimizes vulnerabilities by driving the sharing of hosted processing and memory resources well below the application level.  Thus, while concurrent users may be sharing a physical server, they are not sharing an application instance and, therefore, are not able to invade another user’s application session or content.

24.  What is the warranty and support policy for the Maxtor Fusion solutions?
Seagate’s one-year limited warranty in the U.S includes repair or replacement, as further described under the Maxtor/Seagate Limited Warranty Statement posted on Seagate prides itself on its high-quality customer service and support. Phone, fax, email and online support are available to our customers. Please see for more details.


All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. One gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity. One terabyte, or TB, equals 1,000 gigabytes when referring to hard drive capacity. Accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environment and formatting. Quantitative usage examples for various applications are for illustrative purposes. Actual quantities will vary based on various factors, including file size, file format, features and application software.



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