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How to identify Atlas 10K III part numbers and labels.

There are currently two different labels used on Atlas 10K III SCSI drives. One label identifies the drive as a Quantum® drive and the other label identifies the drive as a Maxtor drive. The Quantum® label was used on all drives manufactured as Ultra 160 (U160) drives and are fully supported by Seagate. All Ultra 320 (U320) versions of the Atlas 10K III will have a "320" printed on the Maxtor label. Please see the following examples:




How To Determine Your Atlas 10K III Model Number:

The GTLA (Global Top Level Assembly) is the part number used by our factory and is different from the model number used by our resellers and distributors (the model number will not be printed on the drive). Based on this, please use the following table to determine your drive's model number by using the first 5 digits of its GTLA number (to locate the GTLA number on your drive please reference the corresponding label example from above).

(first 5 digits)

Maxtor Model#
KW18J KW018J2 Atlas 10K III 18GB Ultra160 80pin SCA
KW36J KW036J4 Atlas 10K III 36GB Ultra 160 80pin SCA
KW73J KW073J8 Atlas 10K III 73GB Ultra 160 80pin SCA
KU18J KU018J2 Atlas 10K III 18GB Ultra 320 80pin SCA
KU36J KU036J4 Atlas 10K III 36GB Ultra 320 80pin SCA
KU73J KU073J8 Atlas 10K III 73GB Ultra 320 80pin SCA
KW18L KW018L2 Atlas 10K III 18GB Ultra160 68pin Wide
KW36L KW036L4 Atlas 10K III 36GB Ultra160 68pin Wide
KW73L KW073L8 Atlas 10K III 73GB Ultra160 68pin Wide
KU18L KU018L2 Atlas 10K III 18GB Ultra320 68pin Wide
KU36L KU036L4 Atlas 10K III 36GB Ultra320 68pin Wide
KU73L KU073L8 Atlas 10K III 73GB Ultra320 68pin Wide