I have a Lyve Home or Lyve Studio device, what should I do?

Question: How do I export my content from a Lyve Home or Lyve Studio device?
Answer: Your original photo and video files will remain on your Lyve Home and Lyve Studio and can be exported to a readable format prior to December 31, 2016. Here are the steps to export your photos and videos….

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Lyve Home users can export directly to a USB drive (no computer required)
  1. On your Lyve Home touchscreen, swipe to ‘Settings’, then go the ‘General’ menu. Within General, tap on ‘Export to USB’.
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  1. Attach your USB drive to the port on the back of your Lyve Home. Lyve Home will alert you if the drive has insufficient space for a backup, or is in an unsupported format.
  2. Lyve Home will take a moment to scan the drive, then the ‘Export Now’ button will appear. Tap on ‘Export Now’, and the export process begins immediately, and will provide you with some details on the progress.
  1. When the export process has completed, Lyve Home will notify you on-screen. At that point, it is safe to remove your USB drive from Lyve Home. You’re done!
  • Your Lyve Home must be running firmware version 2.1, or later. Lyve Home updates are installed automatically, provided your Lyve Home is online.
  • The USB drive must be formatted as NTFS.