Lyve is shutting down, what does that mean?

Question: What is happening with the Lyve service?
Answer: The Lyve service is being discontinued on December 31, 2016.  You will no longer be able to view your photos or videos through the Lyve mobile and Lyve desktop apps after the Lyve service is discontinued.

Question: What happens to my account after the Lyve service is discontinued?
Answer: Your Lyve service account will be permanently deleted including related information or metadata about your photos and videos. Remember that the Lyve service does not store your photos and videos, only information about your content.

Question: When will the Lyve service be discontinued and what happens to the service between now and the shutdown?
Answer: Effective Saturday, December 31, 2016, the Lyve service will terminate. The Lyve service will be active from now until December 31, 2016. As of October 4, 2016, no new Lyve accounts may be created.

Question: How can I manage my personal photos and videos after the Lyve service is discontinued?
Answer: Although Lyve will no longer be offering a service, alternative options are available for your personal photo and video needs. To ease the impact of the Lyve service termination for existing Lyve customers, we have teamed up with Amazon on an exclusive offer of six months free of Amazon Unlimited Storage for photos, videos and files (for new users only). If you’re an existing Lyve customer, we have sent an email with offer details to the email address that you signed up for Lyve with. Only customers that have signed up for Lyve before October 4th are eligible for this Amazon Unlimited Storage offer.

Question: I do not have my photos and videos backed up.  How do I get them out of my Lyve device?
Answer: There are different export options available to you depending on how you are using the Lyve service. 

Lyve Home and Lyve Studio device

Seagate Backup Plus with Lyve enabled

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