Consumer NAS OS 4.X - Firmware Update Release Notes

Applicable devices:
  • Personal Cloud
  • Personal Cloud 2-Bay

Seagate continues to improve the firmware for these consumer NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices by increasing performance, providing security updates, and adding new features. Updating to the latest firmware is highly recommended. 

NAS OS version
  • Fix for a security issue with Seagate Media Server API
  • Google Drive Backup/Sync improvements
  • Seagate Media Server Bug fixes

NAS OS version
  • Update Dropbox Sync/Backup engine
  • Seagate Media Server improvements
  • Bug fixes

NAS OS version
  • Fix for a security issue with Samba : CVE-2017-7494
  • Bug fixes

NAS OS version
  • Cloud Backup & Sync now use Dropbox API v2
  • Samba now uses version 4.6.2 (Fix CVE-2017-2619)
  • OpenSSL now uses version 1.0.2k
  • Bug fixes

NAS OS version
We are pleased to introduce the following exciting features for your Seagate Personal Cloud.
New Features for Personal Cloud:
  • Access files on your Personal Cloud from any web browser, by going to and loging in to your Seagate Access account.
  • New interactive Personal Cloud Assistant app guides you through the rich set of features on your Personal Cloud. Log in to your Personal Cloud and open the Assistant app to learn more
  • Support for Apple's new Time Machine backup protocol in Mac OS Sierra.  The new Time Machine enables faster, safer, and more reliable backups from Apple computers running Mac OS Sierra
  • Improved Filebrowser app, remote access performance, and setup experience

New Features for Personal Cloud and Seagate Media Apps (SMA): 
  • Add Private Folders to Seagate Media App.  Log in to and open the Filebrowser app, then select private folders and choose Add to Seagate Media
  • New Moments view in Seagate Media App to see all your photos and home videos grouped by date
  • Filter and search for files by camera make, camera model, creation date, and more
  • Support for casting music to Chromecast Audio devices
  • Access your Personal Cloud's new web-based Filebrowser via Settings and; Personal Cloud Files in SMA
  • Open, create, edit, or save files in compatible 3rd party iOS apps directly to/from Personal Cloud via remote access

NAS OS version

     Support for Time Machine backups with SMB using macOS Sierra.

NAS OS version
     Fixed Badlock SambaSecurity CVE-2016-2118
     OpenSSL now uses version 1.0.1t
     Bug fixes

NAS OS version

    Bug fixes
    Open SSL now user version 1.0.1s

NAS OS version

We are pleased to introduce the following exciting features for your Seagate Personal Cloud

      Filebrowser app for Personal Cloud

    Browse files anywhere: Use the all-new Filebrowser app to access your files via a web browser

    Easy USB ingest: Copy files stored on USB devices with Filebrowser ingest
    Share using web links: Share files and folders via secure web links in the Filebrowser

      Backup Manager

    Support for more cloud services: Back up files stored on your Personal Cloud to new cloud services, including OneDrive and Baidu

    Restore from the cloud: Restore backups saved to your cloud storage
    Back up your cloud storage: Back up files and folders stored on your cloud storage to your Personal Cloud

     Personal Cloud Web Board

    New look: Check out your Personal Cloud's new, modern interface


NAS OS version

    Enhancement for App Manager. You can now manually install third-party apps.
    Removed a potential vulnerability to a Logjam Attack (CVE-2015-4000).
    Bug fix for Baidu backup. Previously, following the creation of a backup job to Baidu, clicking Select an Account did not work.
    Bug fix for Baidu backup. Previously, the backup job to Baidu failed if the name of the job contained Chinese characters.

NAS OS version

    Major security fix for NAS OS.
    Minor fix for expired signature errors when using Jumploader jar.

NAS OS version

    Important bug fix pertaining to "ghost" in libc
    Minor bug fixes

NAS OS version

    Fix for a security issue with OpenSSL : CVE-2014-3571, CVE-2015-0206, CVE-2014-3569, CVE-2014-3572, CVE-2015-0204, CVE-2015-0205, CVE-2014-8275,
    Fix for a security issue with Samba CVE-2015-0240
    Minor bug fixes

NAS OS version

    Improve Samba performance

NAS OS version

    Improve the user experience of remote access

NAS OS version

    Fix security issue

NAS OS version

    Improve the stability of remote access

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