Cloning a Desktop HD: How to Perform a Clone in Windows with DiscWizard v18

Items to Note:
  • It is recommended to always perform a Clone from the DiscWizard Boot CD. This article is for those who want to attempt a clone from inside Windows on a desktop computer with both drives attached directly to the SATA/PATA motherboard.
  • DiscWizard v18 will not clone a single partition. It will only clone an entire disk.
  • Source disks can be cloned to your destination "as is" or resized.
  • It is strongly suggested not to format your source disk or discard it after the clone until you are confident that the new disk boots properly.
  • Only Basic Disks can be cloned. Dynamic Disks cannot be cloned using Seagate DiscWizard.
  1. Launch the DiscWizard software.
    User-added image
  2. Under the Tools tab, click Clone Disk.
  3. Select the Automatic Mode to have the source drive's partitions automatically and proportionally resized to fit the new drive.
    *Inside Windows* Screen showing to select Automatic Mode.
  4. Select your old hard drive as the Source Disk, then click Next.
    *Inside Windows* Selecting the Source Disc.
  5. Select the new hard drive as the Destination Disk, click Next.
    *Inside Windows* Selecting Destination Disc. There is an arrow pointing to the 931GB Disk 2
  6. If the destination drive has been partitioned, click OK to allow DiscWizard to erase all the partition on the drive before performing the clone.
    *Inside Windows* Pop Up warning tell you that Discwizard will delete all partition off the Destination Disc.
  7. Review the operation and summary screen, then click Proceed.
    *Inside Windows* Shows what the Destination Disc will look like Before and After the Clone.
  8. The clone will start and display a progress Window.
    *Inside Windows* Shows the operation Progress of the Clone.
  9. If you are cloning a disk with a currently active operating system, the program will ask for a reboot. Click Reboot to continue cloning:
    *Inside Windows* Pop Up stating that a Reboot is Required.

    **If you click Cancel, the job will be aborted.
  10. The computer will reboot into a pre-Windows environment where the clone will be performed. Once the clone has completed, you can shut down the computer and remove the original source drive.

    *For more information regarding DiscWizard, you can access the built-in help guide through the Help tab located on the left side of the software.