Why do I see duplicate photos in Lyve?

If you happen to have duplicate photos and videos in your photo libraries, mobile device camera roll, PC computers, or USB drives/SD cards, Lyve helps out by only importing ONE of these originals.

However, if you’re seeing duplicates of photos or videos in your Lyve collection, there are a few reasons why that could be happening:

Edited versions of your content

Within Lyve, there is a possibility that you may be presented with two or more images of a single photograph. If you have two images that look identical, but have been edited or manipulated (think color adjustments or cropping), or exported then re-imported into photo and video management applications (like iPhoto, etc.), these are handled by Lyve as two separate images.

Hidden copies within your sources

The source of your pictures and/or videos could have multiple (and possibly hidden) copies of the photos or videos in question. It’s common for photo and video management applications to create multiple instances of an image for a variety of reasons; previewing, editing, face detection or other features. With Lyve, each one of these instances is viewed as its own distinct picture or video, and is copied as such.

File data changes

Another possibility is that the metadata of the two seemingly identical photos or videos is different. If this is the case, Lyve sees these as two distinct files.

How to fix duplication

If needed, it's easy to delete duplicate photos or videos from Lyve. This doesn’t delete the original file which was copied over, just the duplicate you’re seeing within the Lyve app. In fact, both the original and the duplicate are still where they were when you first starting importing into Lyve - unless of course you moved or deleted the original library.