Why can’t I see my photos and/or videos in Lyve?

When you launch the Lyve app, you may have noticed that some of your photos and/or videos are not properly displaying across all of your devices. You may additionally see a camera icon or an exclamation mark on some devices:
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These icons indicate that Lyve attempted to get a preview "thumbnail" of that specific picture or video from any other device in your Lyve account that had it, but was unable to. You may see these icons (or similar ones) for a variety of reasons, during either your first time setting Lyve up, or later, after you've been using Lyve for a while.

Troubleshooting during your first-time set up with the Lyve App

When you first launch the Lyve app, it displays a single, consolidated library accessible from all of your various mobile devices and computers (Hint: install Lyve on all of those devices and computers!). If one or more of those devices are offline or asleep, you may see placeholder icons. To resolve this, just wake up the devices which have gone offline. You can find out which devices are online by checking the Status menu within Lyve:
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Troubleshooting during your first-time set up with Lyve Home or Lyve Studio

If you own a Lyve Home or Lyve Studio, you aren't limited by which devices are online and awake, because Lyve Home or Studio are always on. All of your photos and videos, including new ones as they are captured, are automatically stored and backed-up safely and privately. For the first import to your Lyve Home or Studio, this process may take multiple hours, particularly if you have a large collection.

Why does this take so long? Lyve is building a complete map of all of your photos and videos, and is creating mobile-optimized versions for each piece of content. This ensures they are protected and accessible across all of your devices.

Here are a few tips to help speed up the initial import:

  • Attach an Ethernet cable from your Lyve Home (or Studio) to your router to speed up the initial import process
  • Make sure you have your mobile devices plugged in to power. Within the Lyve app, make sure that Power Copy is enabled (look in Settings).
  • Make sure that all of your devices are connected to the same network as Lyve Home (or Studio). 

Troubleshooting after you've been using Lyve a while

If you still don’t see your photo or video after a significant period of time, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the original file - does it display normally on the source device? If not, it may indicate an issue with that particular photo or video.
  • Make sure all devices in your Lyve account are online: launch the Lyve app on each device and let it run in the foreground.
  • Make sure the network connectivity of all devices is valid. Some networks may have firewalls or blocked ports that can interfere with Lyve.
  • If you have a Lyve Home or Studio:
    • Go to the Lyve app on your mobile device. Enable Power Copy within Lyve Settings (under the Lyve App Menu).
    • Plug your devices in to power.
    • Make sure the photos or videos being copied over haven't been deleted or moved before they've been fully copied to Lyve Home or Studio.