Why is the photo count in iPhoto different than in Lyve?

You may have noticed a difference between the total item count in your photo management application software (like iPhoto, Lightroom, etc.) and the total item count in Lyve. This is fairly normal - and easy to figure out!

Here are the most common reasons the count between your photo management app and Lyve will often differ slightly:

  1. Lyve isn't done collecting your content yet. The first time Lyve looks at your photo library, it can take a while for the process to complete. If you see the terms "Preparing", "Syncing" or "Copying", that just means that Lyve is still doing it's magic. Give it some time to finish, and also check out our Getting Started videos for some helpful tips on speeding that process up.
  2. Similarly, if you deleted photos or videos during the initial copying stage (from either your iPhoto/management app, or from Lyve), that will contribute to the difference in count.
  3. There are likely duplicate photos or videos in your library that Lyve automatically cleaned up for you. Check out this article to learn more about how Lyve handles duplicates: Why do I see duplicate photos in Lyve?
  4. Some file formats present in your photo management app may not be compatible with Lyve. See this article for more information: What photo and video types are supported by Lyve?
  5. You may have corrupt files present in your photo management app. Lyve will automatically skip these corruptions.