What do the Settings in Lyve do?

What do the Settings in Lyve do?

The Lyve app on your mobile devices offers a few options within Settings that allow you to optimize the Lyve experience. To access Settings, just tap on the Menu icon in the upper lefthand corner of the app:

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Here's a quick look at the the key functions available within Settings.

Photo and Video Counts

Lyve displays the total number of photos and videos in your Lyve collection.

Cellular Data Settings

The apps can work over cellular networks, but you have some options to control how much data Lyve uses.
  • Use Cellular Data for Photos and Videos is great if you have a fast cellular network connection and an unlimited data plan. Use this if you want to see full, high-quality resolution photos and videos.
  • Use Cellular Data for Thumbnails is best if you have a limited data plan and only want to see mobile-optimized photos in Lyve. This is on by default if the Photos and Videos toggle is on.
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Auto Import

Toggling this setting on will allow Lyve to automatically import any new photos or videos that you capture on your device. Leave this on if you want all of your new photos and videos to be available within Lyve instantly.

Power Copy (Lyve Home, Lyve Studio, or Lyve Drive owners ONLY)

If you have a lot of photos and videos on your devices, you may wish to enable Power Copy, which keeps your mobile device from going to sleep while Lyve moves content over to your Lyve Home or Lyve Studio. If you enable Power Copy, plug your device in to power to keep it charged during this process. If you're just starting out with Lyve, you may need to give your device several hours to complete the initial import. You won't have access to this setting unless you own a Lyve Home, Lyve Studio or Lyve Drive.