How do I start over with my replacement Lyve Home?

How do I start over with my replacement Lyve Home?

If we’ve sent you a replacement Lyve Home, you’ll want to restart the process of copying your photos and videos from your mobile devices, computers, SD cards and USB hard drives to your new Lyve Home.

Follow these steps to add your new Lyve Home to your account and get everything back on track:

1. Remove your old Lyve Home from your account. Using your web browser, log in to your Lyve Account online. Next, hover your cursor over the x icon next to your original LyveHome listed on your account page (Note that your Lyve Home does not need to be online to take this step). Select Remove to confirm:

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2. Power up your replacement Lyve Home. Use the Lyve Home touchscreen to connect to your network and then log in to your existing Lyve account.

3. Launch Lyve on your mobile devices and computers. Connect any SD cards or USB hard drives containing photos and videos to your new Lyve Home. Remember that you may need to enable Power Copy on your mobile devices and connect them to a power source to help maintain the copying process. To help further speed copying up on your mobile devices, we also recommend that you use WiFi (rather than a cellular 3G or LTE network connection). Check out our Getting Started videos for additional help and details on the copying process.

4. (If asked to) Send your original Lyve Home back to us using the included return shipping label. Before returning your original device, you may wish to perform a factory reset (if possible). Read How do I perform a factory reset of my Lyve Home? for details. This will remove any of your content from the Lyve Home you’re sending back to us. If you can’t perform a factory reset for whatever reason, don’t worry, all of your photos and videos will be deleted from the Lyve Home when it reaches us.

That’s it! If you have any difficulty, just contact us - we’re happy to help.