How to back up your Lyve Home or Lyve Studio

How to back up your Lyve Home or Lyve Studio

If you own a Lyve Home or Lyve Studio, all of your photos and videos are copied to those devices as they're captured, and are automatically managed across your own personal devices, so you know they're always safe and protected. Lyve Home or Studio effectively acts as your backup of your original content - just hold on to those originals, and you'll always have a safe copy tucked away. But if you need a little extra space, or even more peace of mind, here are a couple of solutions for backing up your Lyve account.

Backing up to an external USB 2.0 drive

You can plug a USB 2.0 hard drive into your Lyve Home, and back up the contents of your Lyve Home, just like you would back up your computer. Check out this article to learn more: How to back up your Lyve Home to a USB drive.

Using one Lyve Home or Lyve Studio to backup another

You can always add an additional Lyve Home or Lyve Studio to your account. You can even mix and match the two to suit your needs! Lyve Home comes with a huge amount of storage - an internal 2TB (2 terabyte) drive. Lyve Home can even be set up with multiple users to take advantage of all of that room! And Lyve Studio has an impressive 500GB of space, which is ideal for one user.

If you add a second Lyve Home or Studio to your account, the Lyve service goes to work and duplicates all of the content on your original Lyve Home (or Studio) over to the new Lyve Home (or Studio), essentially creating a mirrored or ‘redundant’ backup of your original Lyve Home or Lyve Studio. Note that it's normal for this process to take some time - hours or even days - depending on the size of your collection.

Adding a second Lyve Home or Lyve Studio to your account is a nice way to make sure you have peace of mind. Plus, this solution continues to work for you going forward, automatically copying any new photos and videos to both Lyve Homes (or, Lyve Studios!) as you capture them.

To make this type of backup even more fail-proof, you could install your second Lyve Home or Studio at your office (or even a close friend or relative's house) to keep your memories safe. Adding a second Lyve Home or Studio in a different location is an ideal way to protect your life memories from disaster. No matter what happens, you’ll always have a safe, instantly-accessible copy of all of your photos and videos on that second Lyve Home or Studio.

How to export all of your photos and videos from Lyve

Alternately, if you don't have an additional Lyve Home or Studio, you can always use the Lyve App on your computer to export all of the content from your Lyve Home (or Studio) to a folder on your desktop, which can then be saved to an external drive:
  1. Launch the Lyve App.
  2. Click on Photos in the Lyve Menu, then choose Select All (shortcuts: Command+A on Mac, or Control+A on Windows).
  3. Click on Export within the Lyve window and choose the folder you wish to export to.
  4. Repeat the same process for videos within Lyve by selecting Videos within the Lyve Menu, selecting all and exporting.
  5. After the export of photos and videos is complete, you should be able to open the folder and view your files.