Using Lyve to rediscover your photos and videos

Using Lyve to rediscover your photos and videos

Lyve doesn’t just collect and protect your photos and videos - it also allows you to easily find the memory you’re looking for, regardless of which device you’re using. If it’s worth capturing, it’s definitely worth revisiting.

Reliving past moments

Once they’ve been collected into Lyve, you can browse through years worth of memories. Even better, there are features within Lyve that automatically sort and display your photos and videos from back in time, making it fun and easy to share your ‘days gone by’.

When Lyve is in it’s default Digest view, you’ll see a scrolling selection of moments near the top of the screen from this day, week or month in your history. Think of Lyve as your daily time machine: even if you don’t remember what you were doing on this day last month, last year, or on this day 10 years ago, Lyve does. Throwbacks aren’t just for Thursday!

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This feature will refresh every day, or every time you relaunch the app.

Quickly scroll through your memories

Also in Digest view, you can quickly scroll through your photos and videos. Whenever you start scrolling by swiping the screen, you’ll see a tag with the current view’s date (on the right side of the screen in portrait mode, or along the lower edge of the screen in landscape mode). Just tap and hold near that current date marker, then pull it to rapidly to scroll through your memories.

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To return to the most current photos in Lyve, just tap the date at the top of the screen.

Creating your own Tags and Favorites

Within the Lyve app, you can create your own tags and apply them to individual photos or entire groups of photos. You can also mark photos as Favorites. Check out this article for more information: How to use Favorites and Tagging within Lyve