Using Lyve Home with multiple users

Lyve Home supports multiple users, which allows an entire family (3 users total) to share a single Lyve Home (and take advantage of Lyve Home's massive 2TB internal drive!).

Up to 3 users can have their own private Lyve account, syncing photos and videos from every device or computer signed in to that account. Lyve users won't have their content mixed together when viewing on their own devices or Lyve Home - it's like each user has their own Lyve Home!

When multiple users are added to Lyve Home, each user’s content is stored in a private folder within Lyve Home storage. Each user has no access to other users' photos or videos.

How it works

The first user to sign into Lyve Home is the Primary User; additional users are Secondary Users. The Primary User effectively manages the Lyve Home, and is the only user with the ability to add Secondary Users. Users are added through the Lyve Home touchscreen. Just swipe to Settings to add a user:

User-added image

The Primary User also has access to the Lyve Home ports and interface itself:
  • Primary Users have control over what can appear on the touchscreen display as part of a slideshow (or on a TV via the HDMI port, or via LyveCast to a Vizio Smart TV). And Primary Users can only display their own content, as they have no access to other users' stuff!
  • Photos and videos imported via the SD Card slot and USB port default to the Primary User account.
  • Important note: if the Primary User performs a factory reset on the Lyve Home, all content, for all users (including the Secondary Users'), will be deleted. Secondary Users are not notified if the Primary User performs a factory reset, so proceed with caution when performing a factory reset!
For more information on managing your Lyve Account and user information, check out How do I manage my Lyve Account?