Using Lyve Home to collect your Facebook memories

One of the best things about Lyve is that it collects all of your life memories in one place. If you've properly connected with Facebook, Lyve will collect all of the photos and videos you've been tagged in so they're also accessible from your Lyve account, across all of your devices and computers. A couple of important notes about importing Facebook photos that someone else has posted and tagged you in:
  • Due to the limitations of Facebook's interface, both you and the person who originally posted the tagged photos on Facebook need to have both of your Facebook accounts linked to Lyve. They can be linked separately (Your Lyve account connected to your Facebook account, your friend's Lyve account connected to their Facebook account).
  • This feature is only available for Lyve Home users.
You also have the option of importing the photos and videos that you've posted to your Facebook account - for instance, if you have posted some photos to Facebook that you don't have anywhere else. Just check the box to enable this feature as well. A couple of notes about this: Your pictures are compressed when you upload them to Facebook, so if you ingest them into Lyve this way you will not get the best resolution

Here’s how to do it:
  1. Sign in to your Lyve Account via a web browser.
  2. Click on Add Social Network (look in the lower right corner of the page), then click Next.
  3. Log in to your Facebook account as you would normally.

User-added image
You’ll receive a message to indicate that your Facebook account has been successfully linked with your Lyve account. Now, Lyve will begin collecting all of the Facebook photos and videos which you have been tagged in.

Note: Depending on your friends' privacy settings in Facebook, you may not be able to download all of the content in which you are tagged.

Just like your mobile devices and computers, Lyve will continue to collect any new photos or videos you are tagged in on Facebook. All of those embarrassing photos from college you’ve been tagged in - in one convenient place!

To remove your Facebook account from Lyve: Log in to your Lyve account and click the x icon next to your Facebook account (under Social Networks):

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Confirm the removal and you’re done! Note that if you disconnect, Lyve doesn’t delete any of the photos that came from that account - it only stops collecting any additional photos from Facebook. You can always re-connect Facebook to your Lyve account at any time.