Using Chromecast with Lyve

The latest versions of the Lyve App for Android and iOS support “casting” photos to a Google Chromecast.

If you have a Chromecast attached to your TV at home, this means you can wirelessly share slideshows of photos directly from the Lyve App (casting videos is not yet supported). Here’s how to set it all up:
  1. Set your Chromecast up (if you haven’t already). Attach your Chromecast to your TV and download the Chromecast app to your mobile device. Follow the onscreen instructions within the Chromecast app to set it up. Check out this link if you need more help: Get Started with Chromecast.
  2. Once Chromecast is all set up, connect to the same WiFi network that your Chromecast is on and launch Lyve. You’ll see the Chromecast icon in the upper righthand corner of the Lyve App. Just tap the icon to connect to your Chromecast, select the photos you’d like to see on your TV, and begin casting!

User-added image


If you’ve taken the above steps and are still not seeing the Chromecast symbol within the latest update for Lyve App for Android or iOS, try the following:
  1. Enable Cloud Storage in your Lyve account settings, if you haven’t already done so. Check out this article to learn how: About your Lyve account Cloud Storage settings. Note that you'll only see this setting if you own a Lyve Home, Studio, or Lyve Drive. Otherwise, Cloud Storage is on by default - so if you don't see it in your account settings page, don't worry, it's on automatically for Lyve app users who don't own any of the above hardware.
  2. Verify that the mobile device running Lyve is on the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.
  3. See if you can connect to the Chromecast using the free Chromecast mobile app.
  4. If all else fails, try unplugging the Chromecast from your TV (both the HDMI and USB connection), then reattach it. This will reboot the Chromecast.