How to back up your Lyve Home to a USB drive

If you own a Lyve Home, all of your photos and videos are copied to it as they're captured by Lyve. Lyve Home effectively acts as a backup of your original content - just hold on to those originals, and you'll always have a safe copy tucked away.

But if you need even more peace of mind, you have a few different options for backing up your memories. One of the easiest ways to back up is to attach a USB hard drive to your Lyve Home and export all of your photos and videos directly to it. You can even restore those memories back to a Lyve Home from your USB backup. Here’s how to create a backup to a USB 2.0 drive:

Notes before you start
Your Lyve Home: Your Lyve Home must be running firmware version 2.1, or later. Lyve Home updates are installed automatically, provided your Lyve Home is online.

Your USB 2.0 Hard Drive: Currently, your backup drive must be formatted as NTFS, and we recommend drives which are 500GB or larger in capacity. Note that most USB drives come from the factory pre-formatted as NTFS. Not sure which format your drive is using, or how to reformat it, if needed? Check out this article: Which SD cards and USB drives are compatible with Lyve Home?

We’re working to expand our backup format support to Mac-friendly formats like HFS+ via an update soon! We'll add that information to this page once it's available.

Back it up!
  1. On your Lyve Home touchscreen, swipe to Settings, then go the the General menu. Within General, tap on Export to USB.
  2. Next, attach your USB drive to the port on the back of your Lyve Home. Lyve Home will alert you if the drive has insufficient space for a backup, or is in an unsupported format.
  3. Lyve Home will take a moment to scan the drive, then the Export Now button will appear. Tap on Export Now, and the backup process begins immediately, and will provide you with some details on the progress.
  4. When the export process has completed, Lyve Home will notify you onscreen. At that point, it is safe to remove your USB drive from Lyve Home. You’re done!
To restore from a previous backup
  1. On your Lyve Home touchscreen, swipe to Settings > General, then tap Restore from USB.
  2. Attach the USB hard drive containing your Lyve Home backup to your Lyve Home. Wait for the Lyve Home to scan the drive.
  3. Lyve Home will prompt you onscreen with a Continue button, located at the bottom of the screen. Tap Continue to proceed with the restore process. Note that photos and videos already on this Lyve Home will not be affected. Lyve Home will alert you when it has completed the restore process.
What about multiple users?
Lyve Home supports multiple users, which allows an entire family (3 users total) to share a single Lyve Home (and take advantage of Lyve Home's massive 2TB internal drive!). This USB backup feature works for each user, backing up their photos and videos into separate folders on the USB drive.

When restoring from a backup, your Lyve Home will display a message to show you which user accounts can be restored and ask if you want to sign in to any other user accounts in order to restore the photos and videos associated with all of the available accounts.