What are my Lyve backup options?

The free Lyve app presents a unified and beautiful collection of all your photos and videos, from all of your devices - but on its own, it doesn't back up your photos and videos.

Fortunately, you have some affordable options for safely backing up your stuff! Adding any of these options means that all of your photos and videos are safely and automatically backed up as they're captured by Lyve. You can always have a safe copy of those memories tucked away.

  1. Add a Lyve Home to your account
    Lyve Home is an always-on, touch-screen device that backs up and stores your photos and videos to its internal 2TB drive.

    Lyve Home doesn't have to stay attached to a computer - it's always awake and online!

    Lyve Home also comes with an HDMI connection if you'd like to share photos out to an HDTV, and its massive internal storage can be shared between multiple users.
  2. Add a Lyve Drive to your account
    A Lyve Drive is a Seagate USB 2.0 drive that you attach to your computer at home. The Lyve app on your Mac or Windows computer detects the drive and configures it to act as a backup for all your photos and videos. Additionally, when you take new photos or videos on your devices (when you're away from home, for instance), the Lyve app on your mobile devices will back up those full-resolution photos and videos to your Lyve Drive (as long as your computer is awake and online back home, with Lyve running on it).
  3. Add a Lyve Studio to your account
    Lyve Studio is the 500GB 'little brother' to Lyve Home.

    Just like Lyve Home, it's always awake and online, ready to collect and protect all of your photos and videos automatically, no matter where you are.