Learn more about the messages within the Lyve App

As of version 3.1, the Lyve app communicates feedback based on the current state of your account. For instance, if we spot an incomplete backup to your Lyve Home, Lyve Studio, or Lyve Drive, we'll let you know and tell you how to fix it.

If your photos and videos are all backed up and you're good to go, we won't bug you with any messages - you'll only really see messages in the Lyve app if we're concerned that something isn't fully backed up.

Here are some examples of the communication you may notice within the Lyve app:

User-added image

You can use these messages to help you troubleshoot or resolve any issues with your account quickly. Usually, this just involves launching the Lyve app on another device associated with your account, and/or making sure everything is online.

For additional troubleshooting steps, please see the related articles, or contact us - we're always happy to help out.