How to Create an Image Backup in Windows with DiscWizard v18

FAQ: What is an Image Backup? Why is it needed?
  • Imaging is a way of backing up the computer that allows you to store the entire computer, including the operating system and programs, in a single file (an “image”) that can be used to restore the computer to exactly the way it was when the image was made. This is a good way to recover from major hardware failure without having to spend lots of time reinstalling programs, restoring data, etc.
  • An image backup created with DiscWizard v18 can only be restored to the exact same computer it was created on.
  1. To start the Image Backup you will need open the DiscWizard software and click on the Backup selection.
  2. Click Add Backup at the bottom left of the window and then Create new backup
    User-added image
  1. The default backup is the Entire PC.  Click Select destination and choose the location you want to save the backup to.  You can click on Browse to see more locations.  Note: Backups will be setup on a weekly schedule by default.  To change this, click on Options after choosing your destination and select Do not schedule.
  1. Click OK and the backup will be saved.  Click Backup Now at the bottom right of the window to prompt the backup to start.
  2. The backup will begin and display a status bar.
*Disc Wizard backups are created as a .tib file and the default location is a folder called Seagate Backups on the destination you chose. 
*For more information regarding Backup options you can access the built in help guide through the Help selection on the left side of the software.