How to get photos from your computer or laptop into Lyve

The first thing you'll want to do is get the free Lyve app. It's available for both Mac and Windows (PC) systems. Find all of the Lyve apps here. Note that Lyve is available for your mobile devices as well, but the focus of this article will be on Lyve for your Mac or your PC. If you have an older computer, you should probably check your system compatibility here.

Next, download and install Lyve- just follow the on-screen instructions. When the installation is complete, launch Lyve and sign into your Lyve account.

The app will ask you where you would like it to look for photos and videos on your laptop or computer. Choose a location (you can always add more folders or locations later):

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Once you've pointed Lyve to an import source, it will go to work and begin collecting, preparing and syncing all of your photos and videos within those locations.

Lyve "watches" these folders for new content and will auto-import any new photos or videos you add. You can change which folders you'd like Lyve to monitor via the application preferences. You can also just drag and drop folders into Lyve. To learn more, check out How to add folders of photos or videos with Lyve.

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